The Fellowship of Ministers and Churchers was established to provide spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resource and fellowship for its credential holders, affiliated churches and ministries.


Christ For The Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churches (CFN FMC), formerly known as the Alumni Ministers’ Fellowship, was founded in 1991. Initially it functioned as a department under CFN, but in April of 2003 the CFN FMC obtained its own 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. In August of that year the IRS approved  a Group Exemption letter recognizing all affiliated churches and ministries as exempt from federal income taxes.


Any person with a known and verifiable calling may apply for Christ For The Nations (CFN) credentials. Those who are approved for credentials from CFN are required to become members of the CFN FMC for the purpose of accountability. Those who are licensed or ordained with other organizations may opt to transfer ministerial association and credentials to CFN FMC or may hold duel credentials with CFN FMC and another organization. 

  • To provide an avenue for CFN FMC members to relate to, strengthen and assist one another by networking locally, nationally and internationally, and to be affirmed as an extension of the spirit, vision, character, and integrity of Christ For The Nations (CFN.)


  • To provide credentials and affiliation for ministers, churches or ministries who desire to link up with the vision of Christ for the Nations to continue building the kingdom of God. 


  • To maintain Christ for the Nations' vision and purpose through prayer, finances, recruitment and ministerial example.


  • To organize and host annual conferences and ongoing gatherings on national and regional levels for mutual encouragement and fellowship.


CFN FMC is dedicated to help and equip our members to fulfill their God given calling by providing ministerial credentials, ministry affiliation and tax exempt status. 




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