Dr. John Hollar

John Hollar was raised in Southern Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas Texas, and holds a Doctorate of Divinity from Life Christian University.


Amongst wearing many other hats, Dr. Hollar is the Executive Director of Christ For The Nations Institute. Hand Dr. Hollar an electric guitar and you will find out this scholar is an avid musician with a love for literature, art, and history. With an extensive book collection, the bible is still his favorite book!


Dr. Hollar is married to his beautiful wife, Ann.  Though he is a spiritual father to many, he and Ann have three grown children, all serving the Lord in ministry, as well as ten brilliant and beautiful grandchildren who are perfect in every way.


Dr. Hollar and his wife of 46 years oversee more than twenty pastors and churches throughout the great Southwest. If Dr. Hollar could be remembered for one thing, it would be that he empowered others to walk in the fullness of what Jesus has already done for them.


CFN FMC is dedicated to help and equip our members to fulfill their God given calling by providing ministerial credentials, ministry affiliation and tax exempt status. 




3404 Conway St.

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